Build Your Own CPR First Aid Training Class

A bespoke basic life support first aid course tailored to meet your particular requirements, covers CPR and common medical conditions.

A bespoke first aid course tailored to to you. We will discuss your needs when you book the course and develop a suitable curriculum for your circumstances. This first aid training course could take place in the comfort of your own home.

bespoke emergency first aid training courses

For example:

  • A customised two hour course for a smaller group, which covers basic life support including CPR and recovery position and provide you with the skills to deal with common medical and trauma conditions which may occur at home such as choking, burns and wounds.
  • A Child with particular medical needs and require a more specific class for conditions such as allergies, asthma or seizures.
  • An after school club to equip all staff and volunteers with basic first aid skills (CPR).
  • Build Your Own Class duration, size and cost will vary depending on your needs.

Please contact us for a quote for a customised course. Contact our sales advisor to discuss your course requirements